About us

The Epilepsy Institute « Idée » is a unique international hub bringing together the skills and expertise of all stakeholders in the field of epilepsy. Located in the heart of Lyon (France), a must metropolis in life sciences, the Epilepsy Institute provides:

  • a place of permanent interaction between patients, caregivers, researchers, doctors, companies and health policy-makers;
  • a collaborative environment to promote international partnerships in the fields of education, information, translational research, technological innovation and medico-psycho-social care;
  • a set-up that offers multidisciplinary exchange, logistic support for joint actions and opportunities for synergistic projects between all stakeholders in the field of epilepsy.


Philippe Ryvlin, MD, PhD – Director
Sylvain Rheims, MD, PhD – Medical Director
Laurent Bezin, PhD – Scientific Director
Marielle Prevos-Morgant – Caregiver Coordinator
Edouard Hirsch, MD, PhD – President of Administrative Council


a unique dedicated centre