Env’Epi™ (Environment & Epilepsy) program is the first holistic environmental enrichment program for young people (children and adolescents) with epilepsy, to improve their quality of life, attention capacity and self-esteem.

Its unique approach consists in introducing a range of targeted activities into the child’s lifestyle, with various workshops (art therapy, pottery, interactive sound creation, adapted physical activity and the Alexander technique). These activities aim to enable young people to gradually build up a positive self-image by learning from success in various contexts, and to challenge the various negative ideas and feelings they themselves may have built up from their experiences of failure.

IDÉE Research department

The « idée research » department provides about 500 m2 of laboratory and office space to academic research teams of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CRNL). These teams can, within the framework of collaborative projects, accommodate in the short or medium term collaborative research projects carried out by external teams as long as these projects are dedicated to translational research in epilepsy.

At present, two CRNL research teams and one CRNL technology platform for molecular biology research are present at “idée”. The TIGER (Translational and Integrative Group in Epilepsy Research) team is co-headed by Dr. Laurent Bezin and Dr. Sylvain Rheims. The GenDev (Genetics of Development) team is led by Pr. Patrick Edery.


IDÉE Arts & Therapies department

The Epilepsy Institute has made available ∼100 m2 for the development of a “Arts & Therapies” sector, in addition to the exhibit gallery located in the main lobby of the Institute.

This gallery has the advantage for patients and their relatives of offering them a space for presenting their artwork, or to exhibit the renowned artists’ work related to brain development or to epilepsy.

The “idée Arts & Therapies” sector constitutes a living-lab enabling the efficacy of the Env’Epi™ program to be assessed

Artwork of children with epilepsy – Env’Épi program 2013

IDÉE Campus department

Being particularly difficult to diagnose, epilepsy is today the disease that suffers from the largest number of diagnostic errors. It is therefore urgent to implement the necessary means to improve diagnosis and treatment for those affected.

In collaboration with the authorities of the French Ministries of Health and of Education, the teaching staff of the Epilepsy Institute, mainly composed of volunteers, will contribute to continuing education, training and support for healthcare professionals involved in the management of epilepsy.


The IDÉE Campus dept
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